Hi, I am Andrew Staroscik

Scientist | Analyst | Designer

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What I do

Teaching and Education

I am the host and sole content creator for the science education website SciencePrimer.com and the SciencePrimer YouTube channel.

I teach STEM courses at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI.

As a graduate student, I taught high school science as an NSF graduate stem fellow in K-12 education.

As the RI EPSCOR Academy Director, I supported education and outreach programs across the state, taught professional development courses for high school teachers, and participated in a review of the New England Common Assessments Program (NECAP) science assessment.

Data Analysis and Visualization

My analytical skills as a scientist, experience as a teacher, and work as a web developer give me the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to create insights from data.

My diverse research experience in genomics, microbial ecology, and the regulation of virulence of bacterial pathogens provides me with extensive experience using both exploratory and confirmatory statistical analysis on many different data types.

I use SQL, R, javascript, python, MS Excel, and Tableau to create reports and static and interactive visualizations for web and print.

Planning and Evaluation

I have experience with the data collection, data analysis, report writing, and presentation phases of numerous planning and evaluation efforts.

Organizations I've worked with include Rhode Island Sea Grant, the University of Maine's EPSCOR program, Woods Hole's Ocean Carbon & Biogeochemistry program, and the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science

My Work

I am a broadly trained scientist with a Master's degree in Resource Economics, a Ph.D. in Oceanography, and diverse experience in research, teaching, extension, large grant and program development, planning, and program evaluation.

Selected Projects

The 2022 HEDIS Measures Medicare disparity data visualization National Health Care Expenditures on Tableau National Health Care Expenditures on Tableau large punnett square pre post data charts Ekman drift diagram Medicare disparity data visualization Gun deaths in the US